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Meet the QuoteSupermarket
Team & Family!

Meet the QuoteSupermarket Family
Mike Charlie Mark Sue Billy Penny Trusty Premium


Founder and Director of

Mike has a degree in business and he has always worked in sales. He took over the business when his father retired in 2012 and renamed it to He is a work-a-holic and often gets carried away with his hair-brained schemes!

Loves: Cycling, tennis and gym

Dream: Take part in the Tour de France

Secret: Romantic at heart



Marketing Manager

Charlie is our super organised Marketing Manager here at She is always the first one in the office and most of the time she “saves the day”!

Loves: Tennis, shopping and desserts

Hates: Being late and technical errors

Secret: She has a box full of unorganised mess

Mark Market


Mike's brother & Sales Manager

Mark is Mike’s younger brother and is also the Sales Manager at QuoteSupermarket. Mark is married to Sue and has two children - Billy and Penny. He is always getting into funny situations and causing mishaps, as he is often clumsy and does not pay much attention! Mark is also the master of keeping up the humour at the QuoteSupermarket office and his home.

Loves: Fish & chips, sports, take-aways, lounging in his underpants

Phobias: Scared of heights, aeroplanes & roller coasters

Secret: He has 5 teaspoons of sugar in his cuppa

Odd Fact: Mark hasn’t worn a matching pair of socks for over 20 years

Sue Market


Mark's wife

Sue is Mark’s wife, a mummy and a part-time hairdresser. She is also a keen blogger and addicted to Pinterest. Check out her Pinterest board for some inspiration. Sue likes fashion, cooking, healthy eating and making her family active. Can you believe that Sue used to be a rebel in her youth with blue hair and a nose piercing? Please don't tell that to her children Billy & Penny!

Loves: Holidays, yoga, handbags and soya lattes

Hates: Cold winters, spiders, queuing and wet hair

Fears: Worries about her children Billy & Penny

Fantasy: Eating chocolate in bed with Daniel Craig

Secret: Sue has a stash of biscuits hidden in a washing powder box

Billy Market


Billy is 8 years old, enjoys listening to music and playing computer games. He loves spending time with his dad and he is always involved in family activities.

Master of: Winding up his little sister Penny

Loves: One Direction, PS4, football, picking his nose

Hates: Cleaning, boiled veg, homework and pigeons

Favourite Word: "Champion!"

Secret: He keeps eating Penny’s sweets behind her back

Penny Market


Penny is a cute mummy’s girl and loves spending time with her family. She can also be a little drama queen who often fights with her brother Billy. Her biggest dream is to become a princess and to wear pink for the rest of her life. Penny never leaves the house without her teddy bear and loves laughing at her dad’s mishaps.

Hates: Peas, the dark, dirt, boys

Loves: Trusty the dog & Premium the cat, cartoons, sweets

Secret: She keeps hiding Billy's PS4 controller

Most likely to: Be singing 'Let it go' from Frozen

Penny Market

Trusty the Dog & Premium the Cat

Sue & Mark's family pets

Trusty & Premium are the Market family’s beloved pets who enjoy attention and playing with kids. They both think they are “the pet of the house” which often causes friendly fights between them. Trusty loves going for long walks with Mark and Premium is not the biggest fan of Penny’s constant cuddles.

Trusty Loves: Socks, cuddly toys and mud

Trusty Hates: Big dogs, bath and bicycles

Premium Loves: Tuna, mice and boxes

Premium Hates: Dogs, hoovers and too much attention

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