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The average business wastes 20% of the energy it uses.

Cut your overheads by comparing energy solutions specialised for businesses today. Having the right energy supply will enable your business to be efficient and keep costs down.

Power your business for less by finding the right product for the right price today. Don’t be tempted by the cheapest business energy deal you find, as it’s unlikely to meet your specific business needs.

By comparing online you can find quotes for commercial gas and electricity with minimum fuss. Don’t delay - compare prices and suppliers today to find the best product for you.

Available Options For Businesses

All businesses have different requirements when it comes to energy usage and there is a huge range of options available.

Fixed Price Contracts – This contract offers you fixed prices over a fixed term. Paying a set price will mean you always know where you stand.

Flexible Purchasing Contracts – This is for larger businesses, you are able to spread energy purchasing according to an energy price ‘risk management strategy.’

Most suppliers will offer tailored solutions specifically for your business to make sure it meets all the requirements. As a telecoms business will not need the same energy supply levels as a restaurant.

Lower Your Overheads

Compare providers today to get the best business energy solution for you. Alongside this make sure your company is as energy efficient as possible to get the best savings.

Switch Off Lights – A 100watt light bulb when left on continually could cost as much as £50. Turning off all computers and photocopies when not in use will also provide savings. Having these on timers is a simple solution.

Replace Standard Florescent Tubes – Slim line tubes will help you decrease the amount of energy you are using and will keep the office light.

Thermostats – Make sure you have a thermostat to control the temperature and control energy wastage.

Insulate – Install draught proofing around windows and doors to reduce heating costs. Insulated buildings can reduce heating cots by up to 40%.

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