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Do you want reduced absence and sickness in company along with increased productivity and moral? Invest in private medical insurance we can compare a range of plans at prices to suit you.

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Company Health Insurance

A group healthcare policy is a private scheme which allows you and your employees’ access to top health care professionals, quality treatment at network assessed hospitals, convenient locations, flexible treatment and a range of support and guidance. A full range of packages are available from personal healthcare to small companies and large corporations. Speak to an adviser now to find a policy suited to your specifications.

What is Included?

There is a range of different packages available finding the right one for your company will be easy. Private medical insurance is there to make sure you and your staff have medical experts and fantastic facilities at your disposal should you need it. They offer local centres and flexible appointments times to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Who Is Group Healthcare For?

Group healthcare or group private medical insurance is there primarily for a business to provide healthcare for its employees. However private medical insurance is also available on an individual or family basis. is able to find quotes for a range of different policies, so whatever private medical cover you are looking for we are able to help. Simply fill in our online form and we can do all the work for you, comparing a range of providers to find you the best cover.

Reduce Sickness & Time Off

There are a range of benefits within private medical insurance which allow your employees to be treated quickly and effectively so they are not away from work for any longer than necessary. They have access to expert medical care and treatment at locations which are convenient to them. Most plans also come with recovery support or counselling to make sure your staff members are as healthy and fit as they can be.

Flexible Appointment Times

Health insurance provides flexible appointment times so your employees can schedule appointments which don’t conflict with working hours. It gives them greater flexibility so appointments can be scheduled when the time is most appropriate. It means they will take less time of sick and you will have a healthy and productive employee.

Access to Prompt Treatment

Private medical schemes give those with policies prompt access to medical professionals, which means less waiting time and faster diagnosis and treatment. This means your employee will spend less time unable to work or worrying about their illness instead they will be treated and in recovery much faster - spending less time away from work.

Added Company Benefits

Most private medical plans have incentives in place to make sure your staff are as healthy as they can be. Such as schemes to help staff stop smoking or to lose weight, both of which are common contributors to poor and ill health. Keeping your work force healthy means your employees will spend less time receiving medical treatment and instead will be more productive for the company.

Boast staff moral

Having a company health package can increase your staff’s moral within the business. By giving your staff a benefit for working in the company you display a level of care, providing them with a visible display of their worth to the company. This in turn can produce increased employee morale and can boast the productivity of your company.

Better Staff Retention

Having a staff benefits package can also help your company secure top staff members and stop them from leaving to competitors. If staff members feel valued in their position they are less likely to leave. Having health insurance also makes your company more appealing when you are recruiting, as your business has more to offer the potential candidate, which makes you better equipped to gain top staff members.

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