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What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance gives you access to private medical cover. You pay a set amount each month to the insurer, the insurance then provides you with access to private medical hospitals, care and treatment should you need it, the insurance will pay for this up to a specified amount. NHS waiting times can be long depending on where you live and what treatment you need, having health insurance gives you access to treatment quickly when and where you want it.

Why You Need Health Insurance

Due to the demand the NHS faces not everyone can be treated promptly or by the best specialist in the field. Health insurance can guarantee you access to both. It also means that you can schedule your own appointment time when its suits you instead of when a time is available. It offers you a greater standard of care and often better facilities to aid quick recovery so you can get back to life faster.

Cheaper Health Insurance

Some insurers allow you to reduce the cost of your cover by demonstrating that you live a healthy lifestyle such as being a regular gym user. You can also lower the cost of your premium by looking for comprehensive cover and choosing to pay a larger excess amount. However when you are looking at low cost health insurance be careful as it may only cover admission costs and not those for an outpatient. Speak to our medical insurance advisers today, they can search a range of providers and cover options to find the best policy for you at the lowest price.

Types of Health Insurance

There are a range of different types of health insurance. Individual policies will cover one person. It gives them greater access to a range of medical facilities and will cover all costs up to a specific amount. It offers the individual peace of mind, knowing that they can receive treatment quickly and easily from expert providers. Health insurance also offers more private care with access to discrete en-suite rooms.

Family Health Cover

Protecting your family is a priority for all parents. Health cover offers the security of knowing that your children won’t have to wait for any treatment they need. Having family health cover offers private protection for the whole family and you can choose the level of cover you need. Some insurers also provide health insurance just to protect your children. If you aren’t concerned about your health, only your child’s there is cover specifically designed to protect your child while they’re at their most vulnerable.

Health Cash Plans

Health cash plans are designed to give you cash for up to half of the cost of your routine health check. It is there to provide financial support for routine medical checks or unexpected treatment whether you choose an NHS practice or a private. Most plans also offer cover for dental and optical treatment and can include children free of charge, however all plans differ so it is essential to check what is included in the small print. Speaking to an adviser directly can give you a greater understanding of the different policies available.

Benefits of Health Insurance

Would you like less waiting time for medical treatment? And faster access to expert care? Investing in health insurance can give you these benefits plus many more. Should you or a member of your family fall into ill health these are just some of the options which will become available to you with health insurance.

  • Access to Medical Specialists
  • Prompt access to Treatment
  • Quality assessed Hospitals
  • Private Rooms with WIFI and Televisions
  • Latest Treatments
  • Access to Nurses and Counsellors

Finding Private Medical

Finding the best deal for private medical insurance couldn’t be easier than with Our specialised advisers will search a range of top UK providers to bring you the best deals. Best of all our advice is completely free and you have no obligation to buy. Using us can save you both time and money.

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