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You will need to answer a number of questions on this website in order to obtain a quote for home insurance. These cover the set of questions needed by all the insurance service providers whose details appear on this site.

The level of cover and the amount you pay will be determined by the answers you provide to these questions and therefore you should answer all questions to the best of your knowledge and belief. If you fail to provide the insurer with all the necessary information requested it may lead to you having no insurance or having to pay an additional premium.

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Why You Need Home Insurance

Our home is a sanctuary and no one wants to think about it getting damaged, but if something awful should happen it is important to know that your home is protected. You need to make sure you have a good quality home insurance policy because included within the value of your home is a vast amount. You must remember that home insurance does not just insure the building it can also include soft furnishing, clothes, books, games and electronic gadgets.

What You Need To Consider When Buying Home Insurance

Asking yourself the right questions when getting home insurance cover is important. Remember the level of cover you have will be very important if your home is affected by water damage, a fire, and even burglary.

  • Can you afford to replace all of the equipment and gadgets your home contains?
  • Where would you go if there was a fire or your roof was damaged?
  • How would you pay for the repairs?

What Types Of Home Insurance Are There?

There are two types of cover available when you are getting your home insured, buildings cover and contents cover. Both of these offer different form of protection for your home. Our home insurance comparison advisers can help you find great deals today to protect the place which matters the most to you.

Guide to Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance covers the structure of your building, the walls, roof and any permanent fitting such as your bathroom and your kitchen, the basic structure of your home. The cover is in place to rebuild any of your home which is damaged due to fire, theft, flood, subsidence or burst pipes. If your home was completely destroyed the insurance pays for a new build, so it is important to make sure you have sufficient cover in place.

How to Value Your House for Building Insurance

It’s good to remember that just because the cover is there to rebuild your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the cover is the same price your home was to buy instead it tends to be cheaper. If you are unsure about what price you should insure your building for you can get an exact figure by speaking to a surveyor this is particularly necessary if you have an unusual or listed property.

What is Not Covered by Buildings Insurance

There are certain aspects which will not be covered by your buildings insurance. The insurance won’t cover damage due to war or terrorism and it is also important to make sure your home is covered for weather damage. Buildings insurance also does not cover any of your belongings within the home, for this you need contents insurance. It is a landlord’s responsibility to have adequate building insurance not the tenants, however a tenant should consider having contents insurance to protect their belongings. Speak to one of our advisers today to find out exactly what type of policy is right for you. They compare the best providers around to bring you the best deal.

Guide to Contents Insurance

Contents insurance is everything in your home, this includes all of your soft furnishings such as sofa’s and curtains which tend to be undervalued. Your contents include all of your personal belongings, clothes and gadgets so make sure you are taking these into consideration. It is important that those renting consider buying contents insurance as accumulated possessions can hold a lot of value. The average family of four estimates their content at around £25,000 in fact it tends to be over double at around £55,000.

How to Estimate Your Contents Value

The best way to adequately estimate the value of your homes contents is to make an inventory of all your possessions. Include everything you would take if you were moving house, and include your soft furnishings such as carpets and curtains these tend to make up quite a lot of your homes worth, as does computers, other electronic devices and jewellery. Contents insurance tends to be new for old, so if your television was in a fire your insurance would provide you with a new one. However some companies do a cheaper version called an indemnity policy, this takes into account wear and tear.

Other Home Insurance Add-Ons

A good add-on to have when insuring your homes contents is accidental damage cover. This insures your possessions from accidental damage. So if you were to knock over an expensive vase, this would be protected. Another good add-on is personal possessions insurance is also good because it insures your belongings outside of the home such as an iPod, phone or laptop. Speak to one of our advisers today. This way you will have the assurance of knowing exactly what you need in a policy, what will be covered and how much it will cost. Speaking to an adviser means you are can save time and money while we compare top name brands to bring you the best possible price.

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