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What is Over Fifties Life Insurance?

Over fifties life insurance is a policy design especially for those in the prime of their lives. By the time you reach the age of fifty it's likely you already have cover in place, or that you have been diagnosed with an illness which made life insurance to expensive. The over fifties policy was designed with this in mind. These policies will offer anyone over the age of fifty life insurance without the need for a medical or any medical disclosure.

Who Can Benefit from Over Fifties Life Cover

Life insurance is beneficial no matter what age you are, but over fifties cover offers unique benefits to those in the later stages of their lives. It allows you to plan for the eventualities of the future. Leaving inheritance to your grandchildren or to leave loved ones with the finances to pay for your funeral. You are guaranteed to be accepted for over fifties life cover if you are a UK residence between the ages of 50 and 80, you won't need to have a medical, or disclose any conditions you already have.

20% Serious Illness Cover Added Free

One of the advantages of over fifties life insurance is that some providers include 20% serious illness cover added free of charge. This cover will pay out twenty percent of your policy after two years if you are diagnosed with a serious or critical illness. This is there to help offer you the support and finances you may need in the last days of your life.

How Does Over Fifties Life Cover Work?

Over fifties life insurance is there to guarantee those in the later stages of their life a way to leave there family, a charity or even a friend a lump sum to pay for funeral cover or just to help them in everyday life. Those aged between 50 and 80 who are UK residence will be automatically accepted with no medical and some providers include 20% serious illness cover too.

Funeral Cover

If you or your family don't have the finances in place to pay for a funeral, an over fifties insurance plan may be a wise choice. People are leaving their funeral plans to later and later in life and although no one likes to think about death, it is the only certainty in life. If you're over 50 an over fifties life cover plan can allow you a way to make sure your family or friends have the finances in place to pay for your funeral. You can even plan your funeral yourself and have the insurance directly pay the company.

Writing Your Policy Trust

Writing a policy into trust is away of making sure that the payout goes directly to who you want it to, rather than being added as part of your legal estate (home, savings). This mean that if you want the money to be left directly to your children, grandchildren or loved ones putting it into trust guarantees this. Where as is you didn’t place the payout into 'trust' the payout would be added to whatever financial possessions you leave behind. This means that it can be charged for inheritance tax or be taken by creditors.

Faster Access For Funeral Payment

Writing a policy into trust also makes it easier and faster for your loved ones to gain access to the money. If its not in 'trust' the insurance payout and money left can be tied up for quite some time in legalities. Making it easier for your family to have access to the money is essential if the life cover is in place to provide the finances needed for your funeral.

Leave Something For The Grandchildren

A life insurance policy is a great way to make sure that the youngest members of your family are left financially secure. Whether they're your grandchildren or great grandchildren making sure they will be safe financially while they are still at the earliest period of their lives can bring tremendous happiness and piece of mind. An over fifties policy is a great way to do this, and placing the policy into trust will guarantee that it goes directly to your loved ones and not to any creditors.

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